How do I point a sub-domain to my server?

This guide will show you how to point your domain at a minecraft or other game / voice server.

1. Create an "A" record to create and point your subdomain at your server.

Within your cPanel, go to your Zone Editor, and click Manage next to the domain you wish to use:

Zone Editor

2. You'll need to create an "A" name record for this, so make sure "Type" is set to "A"

3. Fill in the "Name" field with your desired subdomain (i.e. - the "play" part can be anything you want)

4. Set "TTL" to 3600.

5. In the "Address" box simply enter your server's IP without the port number.

6. Click Add Record to submit the changes and create your subdomain/domain IP/server redirect. Please allow up to 24 hours for the redirect to propagate fully around the internet.

If your server has the 25565 port (dedicated IP) assigned to it, then you can stop here. If you have any other port number, please proceed to the followin steps.

Without a dedicated IP with the 25565 port, you'll need to create an "SRV" record in addition to the "A" record above.

Creating a SRV Record:

The basic steps for a srv record - in the same area as you created the a record.. select srv:

Name: Should be the subdomain you want along with the protocol/service. In this case, it’s probably . If you want to use without a subdomain, just enter: _minecraft._tcp.

TTL: Use 14400. 

Priority: Use 0.

Weight: Use 5.

Port: This should be the port your server is running on. (ie., 25586, 25598, etc.)

Target: Enter (Changing for your domain name) After filling in the information click Add Record button.

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