Hi Everyone!

I am just going to be updating you on some recent changes to our services, do not hit the panic button it's nothing major! Infact it's to help Banter Hosting progress to further people of the web!

We have just announce our 'Business Hosting' package which is available today! The package is priced at £5.00 a/month and like the 'Unlimited Hosting' comes with a FREE £4.99 Domain of your choice.

To celebrate the launch of the 'Business Hosting' package you can get 40% OFF your first payment annually when you use code '511BUSY' - Please be aware this is a limited time offer and that this offer may have expired if the date is past 1st September 2017

We have also done a minor change to our 'Limited Hosting' package and it's really cool. We renamed the package to 'Starter Hosting' pretty cool? Eh? :)

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( Notice: This announcement contains a promotional code which is set to expire on 1st September 2017 - If the date listed has passed the promotional code will no longer work at checkout. Terms and conditions apply! )

 Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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